@Models  modelling school in Bloemfontein is the perfect place to kick off your professional modelling career. From runway and photographic modelling to teaching confidence and people skills, as well as makeup classes, fashion shows and  pageants. @Models is the perfect opportunity for males, females and even children to make their wildest dreams become a reality.

 @Models model- and finishing school is a modelling agency in Bloemfontein for male and female models (ages 3-25) and we specialize in the following:

• Personal growth and image development
• Modelling Training (Both Photographic and Runway)
• Skills development
• Poise, posture and presentation
• Etiquette training
• Public Speaking
• Fashion Shows, photo shoots, beauty workshops and events
• Grooming ( Makeup classes, hair care, skincare etc.)

If you are interested in becoming a professional model or if you would just like to learn more about people skills and confidence, @Models is the perfect place for you. Our goal is to help our models reach their full potential and to take them places that they have only dreamed of.

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Contact us

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